Customer List

Our customers, users and business partners are the global leading corporations, government institutions and those companies in various industries ranging from transportation/forwarders to aerospace, medical, automotive, food & beverage, petrochemical, railways, building construction, research and education, public facilities/parks, telecomunication facilities, electricity power distribution facilities, charity organization, sport facilities, storage providers/warehousing, etc.

Selected clients, product's users and business partners are presented below for reference. Other than general application areas, we treat details usage and/or specific product's applications of each our customers with utmost confidentiality.

Aerospace & Automotive

Satoda Chemical Ind. (Japan)
Tokai Rika (Japan)
Northrop Grumman (U.S.A)
Auckland Airport (New Zealand)

Charity organization, Commercial Centers & Sport Venues

Realty One Group
Florida Park Service
Jugendherberge Hostel
Lakewood Estate
Magnolia West Softball
Laguna Niguel Little League, Inc
Pennsbury Athletic Association
South Montogomery Girls Softball League
Northern California Practical Shooters
Stirling Silver Saddle Club

Civil Engineering & Building Construction

Mirait (Japan)
Vannoy Construction
GSH Group
L&Q (U.K)
Hoar Construction
Levande Interiör Sverige AB (Sweden)
Sun Communities Inc.
Pacific Air Control

Telecomunication Tower Facilities

Salient Global Technologies

Electric Power Distribution Facilities

Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Flux Solar SPA (Chile)
Deutsche windtechnik (Germany)

Food Processing & Distributor

Tyson Food, Inc.
Swire Coca-Cola
Carolina Beverage Group LLC
A&R Packing Co. INC.
Sedamyl UK
Sea Breeze Fruit Flavors, Inc
Kissimmee Meat and Produce Inc.
GFP Meats Division

Healthcare & Medical Facilities

OFFOR Health, Inc.

Lockers, Storage & Public Facilities

Iron Guard Storage
South Carolina City Council
Tulare California City Council
Amware Fulfillment, LLC ·

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Saudi Aramco
Petronas Carigali SDN BHD

Research Laboratories & Education Institutions

University of Utah
Eastside Catholic
Montessori Education Centre
West Coast University

Global Distributors & Retailer..

Bic Camera (Japan)
Concise (Japan)
Keyprint Security (UK)
Lewis N. Clark (USA)
Redbag (EU)
Thirard (France)
Tokyu Hands (Japan)
Yamashiro (Japan)
Yodobashi (Japan)
Waki (Japan)
Walmart (USA)
Teak Warehouse
Uber Eat