Patents & Intellectual Property

Patents are obvious manifestations of our novel invention and world-pioneering position on wireless and touch-sensor proximity-access technologies driven - Smart Locking Devices resulting from our relentless and sustained investments in specialized research activities for over a decade. Our intellectual property portfolio contents numerous granted utility patents, design patents and trademarks covering key jurisdictions including US, Europe, Japan and many other countries over the world.

eGeeTouch products are protected by patents in the U.S. and many other jurisdictions in the world. The following list may not be all inclusive, and other eGeeTouch products not listed here may be protected by one or more of granted patents in our IP portfolio including other U.S. and foreign patents-pending. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Utility patents protect HOW our innovative product is used and works i.e. unique functional features, while design patents complement on WHAT the appearance of our product looks (e.g. unique shapes). Hence, simply producing alternative shapes of lock or using generic wireless technology would not necessarily evade legal infringement of these granted patents. This comprehensive IP portfolio serves as a solid foundation for providing distributorships and licensing agreements to our worldwide business partners.

We vigorously guard our intellectual property (IP) in partnering with world-leading IP litigation legal teams in both emerging and developed markets.

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  1. Granted USPTO utility patent US Pat No.: 9,121,199 B2 entitled "Electronic Combination Lock" (2010) - USA.
  2. Granted USPTO utility patent US Pat No.: 9,524,600 B2 entitled "Luggage Locking Device and Baggage Handling Method" - USA.
  3. Granted USPTO utility patent US Pat No.: 9,495,820 B1 entitled "Electronic Combination Lock" - USA.
  4. Granted USPTO design patent US Pat No.: D 721,261 S entitled "Digital Combination Lock" - USA.
  5. Granted USPTO design patent US Pat No.: D 722,485 S entitled "Digital Padlock" - USA.
  6. Registered Utility Patent App. No.: DE 11 2010 005 595 T5 - Germany.
  7. Granted by JAPAN PATENT OFFICE Utility Patent No.: 5947791 entitled "電子組合せ錠" filed 2010, granted 2016.
  8. Granted by JAPAN PATENT OFFICE Design Patent No.: 1578386 entitled "電かばん用錠", granted 2017.
  9. Granted CHINA Utility Patent No.: ZL 2010 8 0032573.2 entitled "电子密码锁" Filed 2010, granted 2016 - China.
  10. Granted CHINA Utility Patent No.: 发明专利证书号第3079190 entitled "行李锁定装置和行李处理方法", granted 2018 - China.
  11. Granted INDIA Utility Patent No.: Pat. No.: 357694 entitled "Electronics Luggage Lock", granted 2021 - INDIA.
  12. Registered utility patent WIPO Pat. No.: WO 2011149424 A8 entitled "An Electronic Combination Lock".
  13. Granted design patent, No.: D2013/1556/B entitled "Electronic Padlock". Reg. 29th Nov. 2013, granted 19th Feb. 2014 - Singapore.
  14. Granted design patent, No.: D2013/1557/I entitled "Electronic Combination Lock". Reg. 29th Nov. 2013, granted 19th Feb. 2014 - Singapore.
  15. Granted design patent, No.: D2013/1555/F entitled "Electronic Luggage Lock". Reg. 29th Nov. 2013, granted 19th Feb. 2014 - Singapore.
  16. Granted India Utility Patent – Electronics Luggage Lock, Pat. No.: 357694 - India
    ..... and more pending patents are in the process of being granted in many emerging and developed countries such as India, Middle-East, Latin America, Russia, Taiwan, Korea and ASEAN countries.