Kluges Gepäckschloss


The world's-first eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock Module has arrived at its 3rd generation to elevate your travel experience offering hassle free and enhanced security for personal belongings in a luggage to accommodate the increasing mobile worldwide travelers. Its design innovation and engineering performance are empowered by intelligent DUAL-ACCESS technologies, PROXIMITY access and vicinity TRACKING providing ease-of-use, highly secure, and prevent mishandled luggage in airports. These smart electronic locks require no key, no digit-wheel dialing and no memorizing combination code, hence no fuss for safeguarding personal belongings during travel, which those ordinary cumbersome mechanical-dials lock are unable to match. Simply tap a NFC-paired smartphone or paired smart devices to unlock luggage. A built-in TSA-Accepted key lock for US airports is also included.

With the award-winning eGeeTouch® smarter lock, securing and unlocking luggage is like a breeze. No more worrying about forgetting your 3-digit combination code, or risking being cracked in seconds while exposing your luggage when left unattended in areas such as airport, train, ferry, bus compartments, hotel concierge, or hotel room. eGeeTouch® smarter technology provides hassle free with enhanced security lock enabling completely peace of mind travel experience to frequent travelers and holiday makers.

Luggage lock should NOT be less secure... or constrained by cumbersome yet outdated 3-digit dials or keys!

With affordable eGeeTouch® HIGH-SECURITY smart lock & simplified ONE-TOUCH unlocking technologies, those ordinary luggage built with outdated digit-wheels or keyed locks will soon be THINGS OF THE PAST!

PATENTS: These smartlocks are protected by a portfolio of granted patents in many jurisdictions such as USA, EU, Japan, China, India etc. For more information on these patents, click here: Intelectual Property