Bluetooth Zipper Lock Module

The world's-first eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock Module has arrived at its 3rd generation to elevate your travel experience offering hassle free and enhanced security for personal belongings in a luggage to accommodate the increasing mobile worldwide travelers. Its design innovation and engineering performance are empowered by intelligent DUAL-ACCESS technologies, PROXIMITY access and vicinity TRACKING providing ease-of-use, highly secure, and prevent mishandled luggage in airports. These smart electronic locks require no key, no digit-wheel dialing and no memorizing combination code, hence no fuss for safeguarding personal belongings during travel, which those ordinary cumbersome mechanical-dials lock are unable to match.

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Key Features

  • A gentle 'touch' on eGeeTouch® luggage lock with a Bluetooth paired smartphone (APPLE & ANDROID) or Apple watch and Samsung Gear S2/3 for unlocking.
  • Vicinity/Proximity tracking & wireless proximity access enable user to have peace of mind & hassle-free experience. You will never leave your carry-on luggage behind or lost your luggage
  • eGeeTouch® luggage lock requires NO KEY, No digit-wheel dialing and No combination code
  • Superior access security authentication with hundreds of millions of user changable IDs
  • ALTERNATIVE Directional Code buttons for unlokcing in event users choose NOT to use smartphone to unlock
  • Use eGeeTouch® App to conveniently store IDs for convenient retrieval or pairing with other smart devices
  • Easily set using eGeeTouch® App to deny access on old IDs in the event of losing a mobile phone or a tag
  • Audit Trail stores historical records on WHO, WHERE and WHEN access made
  • Powered by easily three replaceable LR44 coin batteries with over 5,000 cycles or over 3 years of battery life based on 2 times locking/unlocking per day usage.
  • When battery runs low, app notifies. An USB port is also provided to power up the lock from any external USB power source in rare event when its batteries completely run out despite app repeated notifications
  • Color LED indication for locking/unlocking status
  • Mechanical structure and size are compatible to typical traditional combination lock
  • IP43 Rating for protection against water splash and rain


  • Fast, easy and secure for safeguarding personal belongings in the luggage or travel bag
  • No more 'stressful' memorizing combination code or reading those tiny engraved digits on dial wheels
  • No more worrying for forgetting combination code or losing your key
  • High-security encrypted authentication of hundreds of millions of preprogramed ID unmatched by traditional combination digit-codes of 000 to 999
  • Authorised user may conveniently change or delete ID using eGeeTouch® App
  • User re-definable IDs using mixed numeric and alphabets
  • No need to remember ID as eGeeTouch® App automates by saving IDs in the cloud similar to those smartphone storing your mobile phone information
Colors Customizable
Body Material PC ABS
Locking material Zinc
IP rating IP43 (Splash Water or Rain)
Bluetooth Encripted Security
Smartphone Operating System iOS & Android
NFC Super-high Encripted Security
Power Supply 3x AAA Baterries (1.5V)
Environmental Requirements

Operating Temp.: -10°C ~ +50°C

Storage Temp.: -20°C ~ +60°C

Humidity: 20-90% RH

Weight Approx. 70g
Module Dimension 1 3/8" x 4 1/8" x 1 1/5"

How to SET VARIOUS FEATURES using your Smartphone

  • How to ADD & PAIR your lock AFTER initial setup:

  • How to UNLOCK using Smartphone:

  • Video on 'How to' unlock using Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • How to Access Audit Trail:

  • How to Access Vicinity Tracking:

How TO UNLOCK WITHOUT using your smartphone

  • How to unlock using Directional code: