CE, TSA, FCC, ASTM & RoHS Certifications

eGeeTouch® products comply with FCC and CE directives of U.S. and the European Community (EC) respectively. The products bear a FCC & CE marks which is tested and certified by TÜV SÜD to comply with the US and EU directives. For more information about TÜV SÜD Click here.

eGeeTouch® maintains copies of the current CE, FCC, ASTM & TSA declaration documents, which kept available in below links for download as well as upon request by the related parties and authority. The date of issuing the FCC & CE declarations corresponds with initial release date or later updated. Some of these documents are obtained by our affiliated companies within our Ventura Group having established international supply chain. For more information about TSA (Transport Security Administration) Click here.

eGeeTouch® products are periodically tested for RoHS compliance requirements performed by external, independent, accredited assessment and certification body such as SGS . For more information about SGS Click here. Inside the aircraft baggage/cabin compartments, there is no emission from the smartlock as it automatically powers off itself within 10 seconds each time whenever it is turned on. Intelligent firmware protocol and safety mechanical design of button prevent unintentional turning on itself when luggage is in contact/collision with nearby luggage/objects in compartment during transportation. The batteries used for eGeeTouch smart travel locks are in compliance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) & International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) directives for safety. Latest updated documents can be obtained upon request by filling the form on "Contact Us".

FCC Certification (Updated)
FCC TEST REPORT (updated) in compliance with 47 CFR FCC Parts 15B & C – TÜV SÜD
FCC Certificate: Digital Transmission System: Smart Lock – FCC, USA
FCC Certificate: Low Power Communication Device Transmitter: Smart Lock – FCC, USA
FCC Certificate: Low Power Communication Device Transmitter: Smart Luggage Lock – FCC, USA
CE Certification (Updated)
CE Certificate for Smart Luggage Lock No: T8150979442003 - TÜV SÜD
CB Test Certificate for Smart Luggage Lock No: SG-OF-13356 - TÜV SÜD
CE Test report for Smart Luggage Lock No: 7191097736-EEC14/03 - TÜV SÜD
CE Test report for Smart Luggage Lock No: 7191097736-EEC14/02 - TÜV SÜD
California Proposition 65 Test Report
Phthalate Content Test Report (Smart Padlock) - Bureau Veritas
Total lead content Test Report (Smart Padlock) - Bureau Veritas
Japan MIC Certification
Certificate No: 003-170193 - Smart Luggage Lock - DSP RESEARCH INC.
TSA-Accepted (U.S. Transport Security Administration)
Licensed Distributor for TSA Approved Electronic Lock
Travel Sentry Distribution License - TRAVEL SENTRY Inc., NY, USA
Water Resistance - IP66 Certification (Latest)
Water-Resistance Certificate No: TTCN-079442 0005 - TÜV SÜD
Water Resistance - IP44 Certification (Updated)
Water-Resistance Certificate No: 03535 - TÜV SÜD
Smart Luggage Locks on 'Live' Road Test
“LIVE” ROAD TESTS for eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Locks
The world’s 1st eGeeTouch® smart luggage locks assembled on check-in luggage and hand-carry suitcase had been put to multiple tests for over one year from May 2014 to June 2015 in actual “live” road tests through various international airports, airlines and they performed tremendously well in both functional and physical integrity.
Smart Padlock Test Reports
REACH test report - Smart Electronic Lock Series – SGS
Corrosion Test (ASTM F883-13 Clause 11.1.3) - TÜV SÜD
Tensile test for Outdoor Smart Padlock 3rd gen. (ASTM F883-13: Clause 8.1 : Grade F3 Lock Withstood 1124lb) - TÜV SÜD
Tensile Test (Pass Grade F1, Lock Withstood 225lb) – BUREAU VERITAS, NY, USA
Shackle Cutting Strength (R=10,800 lb or Pass Grade F6) – BUREAU VERITAS, NY, USA
RoHS & Other Certifications
Test Report No. 10495908(1) – Smart Electronic Lock Series - SGS
Test Report No. 10339361(1) - PCBA RoHs Compliance Certificate - SGS
Test Report No. 10339361(4)R1 - Padlock Body RoHs Compliance Certificate - SGS
Test Report No. 10339361(3) - Luggage lock Hooks RoHs Compliance Certificate - SGS
Certificate of Bluetooth® Product Listing