Management Team

Group CEO & Founder

Dr. Jim Li Hui Hong

Dr. Jim LI H.H.

DIGIPAS TECHNOLOGIES INC is a technologically focus company with a strong management team emphasizing on innovative R&D driven and global niched-market segments expertise. Digi-Pas is led by Dr. Jim Li who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and he holds over 30 registered patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. He published numerous papers in the area of new product introduction (NPI) strategy and manufacturing technology at leading international journals and conferences. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in management and technical expertise.

Group Advisory Team

Dr. Zheng ZHENG

Dr. Zheng graduated with a PhD at Manchester University, UK in 1991 specializing in microelectronic superconductivity, particularly the development and design of MEMS sensors and fabrication technologies. He has a total of over 20 years of hand-on R&D experience, as Research Engineer at a leading UK instrument company and later as Research Scientist at the Institute of Microelectronic under ASTAR, the Singapore Government Science and Technology Research Agency.

Dr. Kim Hua TAN

Dr. Tan graduated with a PhD at Cambridge University, UK specializing in Manufacturing Management Strategy. In a decade, he has conducted extensive academic research focusing on Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management with publication of over 50 papers in leading international journals. Dr Tan is a Reader in Operation Management at the Business School of Nottingham University, UK.

Global Sales & Marketing Team


Sales and Marketing Manager - USA, Canada & International


VP of Sales and Marketing - Germany & Northern EU region

Kazuhiro FUJII

Sales Manager - Japan

Daisy LEE

VP of Sales and Marketing - UK & Southern EU region