Gracias por visitarnos en CES Unveiled 2015, Las Vegas

DigiPas USA LLC se complace en exhibir el primer candado electrónico inteligente eGeeTouch® patentado, ganador de diversos premios, en CES Unveiled 2015, Las Vegas.

Ha sido un placer reunirnos con ustedes y apreciamos el interés mostrado y las preguntas formuladas por los medios de comunicación y los analistas sobre nuestra impresionante innovación, que potencialmente redefine el método de acceso al equipaje y las normas de seguridad actuales y que elimina las desventajas asociadas al uso de los engorrosos candados mecánicos con ruedecilla convencionales, cuyo nivel de seguridad es dudoso.

IGIPAS team is truly honored and privileged to receive the Innovation Awards which, to us, is a significant endorsement and validation of our leading-edge innovation.

In fact, key and Zipper Combination locks are well known as an indispensable component of a luggage providing its owner the most basic form for securing personal belonging. However, conventional digit-wheels and keyed padlocks have become outdated and indisputably cumbersome to use with 'doubtful' security, particularly due to frequently experienced lost key, small digit-wheel that’s difficult to read and dial, easily forgotten 3-digit unlocking code, and risk of being cracked in seconds. Concerns over security of valuables inside a luggage is undeniably justified especially when luggage is left unattended in areas such as airport, train, ferry compartments, with hotel concierge or hotel room.

The patented eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is embedded with state-of-art proximity access security technology effectively resolves the aforementioned disadvantages; requiring no key, no digit-wheel dials and no code-memorizing to safeguard personal belongings in a luggage/suitcase unmatched by any conventional lock. These radically simplified one-touch function and enhanced security features offer differentiated value propositions of a truly hassle-free user experience with unique selling point. Unlocking a luggage is now a breeze providing incredible convenience and peace of mind to frequent travellers, family as well as senior citizens' holiday makers.

In short, luggage lock should not be less secure..... or constrained by cumbersome mechanical dials or keys!

The radical innovation of eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is set to redefine the access-gaining method for suitcase/luggage and potentially revolutionize the travel bag industry.