What Do People Say About Our Smartlocks?

As the pioneer to bring the World’s-1st Smart Electronic Locks to the global consumer market, we are highly encouraged by many written reviews in providing valuable feedbacks and comments to our products. Our team continues to seeking more reviews for the purpose to improve and relentlessly refine on our Smartlock's functional performances and engineering designs, as well as to better serve our worldwide customers.

The followings are some product reviews from international press and our valuable customers across the world for convinient reference:


スマートだけに、開閉はスマホを近づけるだけ。ごそごそダイヤルを回したり、鍵を探したりしなくても、専用アプリと連動してロックを開けられる。” Read More >

8 hottest new accessories for travelers

“This high-tech padlock looks like an old-fashioned lock. It isn't. It claims to be the first of its kind to require no key, no dial, and no code...” Read More >

--Laura P., CNN, USA
No more lost keys or duplicating mechanical keys.

“... How safe is this? Very! The state of the art NFC proximity access security, proprietary encryption, and smart identification technologies generate over 100 million encrypted IDs. There is even an audit trail inside the lock. It looks like high tech padlocks are here.” Download PDF >

--Richard D., The National Locksmith, USA
Works well for aviation industry

“I often leave my bag unattended at the aircraft for up to two hours at a time, and I try not to carry around any keys since they easily gets lost. But I have placed the sticker NFC tag behind my airport ID - since I have to wear that at all times, and it works great. Read More >

--Nicolai Z., Pilot, Denmark
A luggage lock that really protects your stuff

“You no longer have to remember combinations, you don’t have to worry about losing a key, and it is also TSA-compatible which is great for travelers to the United States of America.” Watch Video >

--Tech Reporter, USA Today, USA
The “Safe” Suitcase

“When traveling by air or by land, one of the concerns of travelers is to take care that your belongings arrive safely to the destination. And what safer than luggage that requires your digital fingerprint to open. That is what makes the Smart eGeeTouch NFC-Fingerprint Lock Luggage Digipas USA company, which introduced a line of padlocks for suitcases and baggage that promise to give greater security to travelers.” Read More >

--Melva N., Tech Reporter, CNN Espanol, Spain
eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock Uses NFC To Secure Your Stuff

“Here’s a nifty little product that we spotted at CES Unveiled just now. Called the eGeeTouch smart luggage lock it will keep a suitcase securely locked without you having to deal with any keys or remember the combination. Instead the smart lock uses NFC technology to secure the luggage. This makes it able to figure out when you’re near so it can unlock automatically.” Read More >

--Adnan F., Tech Writer, ubergizmo, USA
Open Sesame

“Ideal for all, when users cannot remember the code on the combination lock of their suitcase. The idea behind the smart luggage lock EgeeTouch: trolleys and suitcases open only in combination with the right smartphone. The avid travelers’ device which could come from a James Bond film, was honored at CES with the Innovation Award.” Read More >

--Michael E., Welterwunder, Germany
Opening eGeeTouch Smart Padlock with an NFC Ring is super simple

“Simply hold the pre-programmed NFC Ring up to the eGeeTouch Smart Padlock. It open just like that. Super simple.” Watch Video >

--John M., NFC Ring, UK
The padlock from the future you never knew you wanted.

“I needed a lock to use at the rock climbing gym. I didn't want to have to remember yet another code, and definitely didn't want to carry around a key while climbing, so I searched for something a bit more modern and found this guy. It uses NFC, which means I should be able to tap my phone to unlock it.” Read More >

--Amazon Customer on, USA
Great Lock

“This is one of best smart locks I've seen. The little NFC fob is easy to use. The Android app to program the lock is not user friendly. The customer support needs some improvement, they don't answer their phone or call back when you leave a message. They will respond to emails, eventually. The little manual doesn't tell you how many different users can be programed to the lock. I had to send bunch emails to find out that you can program up to twenty users on a lock. I was able to get twenty epoxy encapsulated tags from Go To Tags and program them to the lock, which performed flawlessly. I plan on purchasing more locks in the future.” Read More >

--Amazon Customer on, USA
Survey on Amazon JP

“Our survey on Amazon shows that users buy eGeeTouch Smart Padlock because it is new, easy to use, able to unlock using multiple methods and its function of audit trail. 75% and more user finds it useful and are satisfied with their purchases. ” Read More >

--Amazon Customers on, Japan