Technology, R&D Capabilities

The technology-driven of eGeeTouch® design and development group is an extended arm of Digi-Pas® R&D team consisting multinational, interdisciplinary and highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within niched domain expertise of intelligent access security and precision instrument technologies. We relentlessly perform R&D activities to innovate global-leading smart devices and intelligent instruments in contributing to the advancement of the access security industry focusing on consumer, automotive, aerospace, medical, and building-automation industries.

Traditional mechanical combination lock is well known for its cumbersome to use, specifically due to its small digit-wheel dials and tiny engraved-digit sizes, restricted choice of combination codes and particularly risky of being cracked in seconds. The world's-first and patented eGeeTouch® smart lock is strategically innovated to replace existing combination-digit-dial and keyed padlocks and seek to transform these 'outdated' locks into radically new modern locks. eGeeTouch® smart lock utilizes proprietary state-of-art proximity intelligent access security and smart identification technologies. Advanced near-field communication and biometric fingerprint authentication sensors are deployed to facilitate radically ease-of-use functional features and enhanced security performance is delivered through intelligent encrypted access software algorisms and protocols. The high quality and reliable eGeeTouch® locks leverage over two decades of our world-class R&D and manufacturing process expertise in computer peripheral and precision instrument devices closely collaborated with our leading Japanese MNCs partners and stringent requirements of our global customers.

eGeeTouch® smart locks embedded with RFID tag require; no key to misplace, no tiny digit-wheel to dial, and no combination code to memorize, thus no fuss for its owner in safeguarding their personal belongings. These ease-of-use functional and enhanced security features are critical differentiating factors that provide hassle-free user experience & peace of mind which the traditional lock is unable to offer.

In line with International Air Transport Association (IATA) directives towards a secure and efficient baggage handling system in worldwide airports, eGeeTouch® smart luggage lock is optionally embedded with intelligent electronic RFID tag to replace the use of traditional leather based luggage tag which could expose owner personal information on a written card. This advanced microchip tag conceals owner's personal details such as name, telephone number and address, enhances access security which only allows airport authorized personnel to precisely identify a luggage thus prevent luggage mishandling in airports and speed up reclaim in the event of lost.