OUTDOOR Smart Padlocks (3rd Gen.)

Patented eGeeTouch® 3rd Generation Smart Padlock is a Robust & Rugged Design for OUTDOOR & COMMERICIAL use (Waterproof & Freeze-proof features, Shackle Cutting Strength & Corrosion-resistant (pass highest grade 6 ASTM salt-test).

It is embedded with DUAL intelligent proximity & historical access tracing (NFC, Bluetooth + Cloud-based) technologies that delivers unprecedented high level of SECURITY, TRACEABILITY & NEW functions unmatched by any traditional keyed or combination padlocks.

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Intelligent Access Management Software

For Commercial, Industrial or Government applications which require large number of users and locks, our Web-based "Intelligent Access Management Software" is developed to enable an ADMINISTRATOR to assign, set, track, deny users from remote location on those Smartlocks.

Administrator may remotely give Permanent or Timed Access via this web-based or Commerical version of eGeeTouch Manager App while tracing historical unlocking record on WHO, WHEN & WHERE access made.

This web-based software can be downloaded into Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC for Administrator to manage many/multiple locks and users. Please contact our Sales Support or visit following link to register & view the software: iam.egeetouch.com

Key Features

  • PATENTED MULTI-ACCESS METHODS: (1) Simply press the shackle and tap on eGeeTouch® padlock with an eGeeTouch® NFC tag or (2) any Bluetooth paired smartphone (APPLE & ANDROID) or (3) Apple watch and Samsung Gear S2/3 for unlocking
  • OUTDOOR USE; Waterproof, Freeze-proof (-4°F to +140°F or -20°C to 60°C) and Corrosion-resistant (pass highest grade 6 ASTM Salt-test)
  • SHARED ACCESS & AUDIT TRAILS: Superior access security proximity and remote authentication. Assign and delete new/old user(s) including setting timed-access features
  • eGeeTouch® padlock requires no conventional key. Thus, no physical key replacement is needed. User may use eGeeTouch® App to access lock and to program tags/fobs
  • ACCESS MANAGEMENT CONTROL: Easily set to deny or restrict access to specific authorized persons depending on time period of the day/week, date and frequencies of access such as during a working shift; useful feature for commercial SHARING access
  • Lock owner manager is able to use lock/unlock history (audit trail) to track and validate access TIME, DATE and LOCATION by multiple users
  • Use eGeeTouch® App to conveniently store lock information and IDs for convenient retrieval or pairing with other smart devices or tags.
  • Rechargeable Battery last for 7,000 Lock/unlock cycles per-charging
  • Patented security/safety feature preventing access to battery compartment when padlock is on locked status
  • USB terminal is provided for backup source from external USB power
  • Upgradable firmware for retrieval and storage of lock information using eGeeTouch® App (Optional)
  • Compact size with hardened steel shackle: SHORT and LONG types (ASTM F3 grade tested)
  • Double locking mechanism of steel shackle


  • Fast, easy and secure for safeguarding and access control of premises containing asset/property
  • No more changing the entire padlock or lock's cylinder due to key lost, as experienced with traditional keyed padlock
  • No more hassle involving to replicate a mechanical key
  • High-security encrypted authentication containing over ten millions of preprogramed ID
  • Authorised user may conveniently from proximity or remote location change or delete ID using eGeeTouch® App; useful for SHARING ACCESS
  • No need to remember ID as eGeeTouch® App automates by saving IDs in the cloud similar to those smartphone storing your mobile phone information
Colors Satin Silver
Body Material Zinc Corrosion Resistance (pass ASTM highest grade 6 salt-test)
Shackle material Hardened steel (pass ASTM grade F3 - withstand 1124lb)
Water-resistance - IP rating IP45 (rain water & sun light direct exposure)
FREEZE & HEAT resistance Cold to Heat -4°F to +140°F or -20°C to +60°C
Bluetooth Encrypted Security
Smartphone Operating System iOS & Android
NFC Super-high Encrypted Security
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium ion
Environmental Requirements

Operating Temp.: -4°F to +140°F or -20°C ~ +60°C

Storage Temp.: -25°C ~ +70°C

Humidity: 20-90% RH

Weight Approx. 280g
Overall Dimension 2" x 1 3/10" x 4 4/5"
Shackle Dimension Length:2 3/5" Width: 1 1/2" Diameter:1/3"

How to SETUP Smartlock with your Smartphone

  • How to power ON your SmartLock:


  • How to LOGIN:

How to SET VARIOUS FEATURES using your Smartphone

  • How to ADD & PAIR your lock AFTER initial setup:

  • How to UNLOCK using Smartphone:

  • How to UNLOCK using Apple Watch:

  • Video on 'How to' unlock using Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • How to ADD & DELETE user(s):

  • How to SET NFC Fob/Tag Using eGeeTouch app (iOS):

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  • How to find AUDIT-TRAILS:

  • How to CHANGE your Lock's Name:

  • How to CHANGE your Lock's Primary Password:

  • How to use AUTO-UNLOCK function:

  • How to Change Bluetooth RECONNECTING-TIME:

  • How to Check your lock's FIRMWARE Version and Model Name:

How TO UNLOCK WITHOUT using your smartphone

  • How to unlock using Paired-NFC Tag/Fob:


  • How to Use your smart Lock when the Battery is fully depleted: