eGeeTouch® Products Overview

The world's-first eGeeTouch® NFC smart electronic lock is embedded with state-of-art intelligent access security and identification technologies; resolve the disadvantages associated with using conventional mechanical locks. It requires; no key to misplace, no tiny digit-wheel to dial, and no combination code to memorize, thus no fuss for asset owners to secure their belongings in luggage, lockers, gates, containers, storage room or cabinets. These important features are vital differentiating factors enabling hassle-free and high access security unmatched by any conventional key/dial locks. With eGeeTouch® smart locks, accessing secured assets/belongings is like a breeze and peace of mind in an increasingly flexible and mobile society.

The advantages and benefits of using eGeeTouch®proprietary proximity-access NFC technology over typical Bluetooth-locks are: (1) higher security, eradicating concerns over any unwanted hijacking Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions that Bluetooth lock expose to, (2) faster connection speed that require very short pairing time i.e. less than a second or near instant (typical bluetooth pairing takes >20sec.), & (3) negligible power consumption as NFC is a passive device employing advanced near-field embedded technology thus extending battery life of the smart lock to years.

However, Bluetooth is also provided here as VICINITY TRACKING and alternative access choice to accomodate those users who prioritise convenience over high security in view of individual preference and personal circumstances.

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