Smart Electronic Padlocks

The patented world's-1st eGeeTouch® NFC + Bluetooth Smart Electronic Padlock is now in its 3rd generation (Waterproof, Freeze-proof and Corrosion-resistant features) to replace traditional keyed padlocks. The advantages of this award-winning smartlock are (1) it needs no mechanical key. (2) it enables loss tags or paired smartdevice's IDs to be denied/deleted only by authorized lock's owner using eGeeTouch App without the need to change the entire padlock or cylinder. (3) it traces unlocking records on WHO, WHEN & WHERE each access made providing an audit trail (audit log) - a security-relevant chronological record, containing documentary evidence of the sequence of access history which is a highly useful new feature unmatched by any conventional mechanical padlock.

MERITS of using eGeeTouch®proprietary proximity-access NFC technology over Bluetooth-enabled lock are: (1) higher security, eradicating concerns over any unwanted vicinity interception or hijacking Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions that Bluetooth expose to, (2) faster connection speed with no latency i.e. instant access user's experience, & (3) No battery/power required as NFC tag is a passive device thus extending battery life to years.

An eGeeTouch® NFC tag or NFC-paired smart devices such as NFC-enabled Android Smartphone or NFC-sticker tagged in wallet, offer significant choices to accommodate diverse user’s preferences as alternatives for multiple access methods for unlocking.

Bluetooth is also provided as VICINITY TRACKING and alternative ACCESS choice to accomodate those users who prioritise CONVINIENCE over ultra-high security in view of personal preference and individual circumstances.

PATENTS: These smart padlocks are protected by a portfolion of granted patents in many jurisdictions such as USA, EU, Japan, China, India etc. For more information on these patents, click here: Intelectual Property

With eGeeTouch® smarter padlock, unlocking a gate/door becomes a seamless act.... yet accountable with traceable access history, for safeguarding your belongings/assets/property in the locker, gate, indoor storage or cabinet, particularly useful for MULTIPLE USERS ACCESS, providing immense convenient, TRACIBILITY and peace of mind, unmatched by any conventional mechanical key padlock. No more keyhole aiming, lost key, replacing cylinder or duplicating mechanical key as experienced when using conventional padlocks, fiddling with or forgetting code of those digit-wheel dials combination locks. Since there is no mechanical key hole in a smartlock, no worrying on vulnerabilities associated with KEY PICKING & KEY BUMPING. Simply press the shackle lightly to 'wakeup' the smart lock, follow by TOUCHING the screen of your phone or a TAP using NFC-tag to the lock for secured unlocking...