Smart TSA Luggage Lock

The common hassle experienced when using combination digit-dial or key zippers padlock is forgetting the 3-digit combination code or lost key. Infrequent or rare usage resulting hard to remember the code or keys have gone missing. However, when these conventional lock is used daily, the trouble of dialling multiple tiny digit-wheel dials and also reading those tiny-engraved numbers is often frustrating, especially when in a dimly illuminated hotel room.

The Award-winning eGeetouch® patented smart travel padlock is developed to replace those 'outdated' and cumbersome conventional locks. This world's-first eGeeTouch's smart travel locks requires no key, no digit-wheels dialling and no code-remembering, hence no fuss for safeguarding your luggage, which unmatched by any ordinary lock. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone or tap a NFC-enabled smartphone, smartwatch, eGeeTouch® NFC tags or any paired NFC-enabled smart devices to secure and unlock luggage. Some models even have Proximity Tracking features to notify you in the event you are leaving your luggage unintentionally. They work for both Android's smartphones and Iphones. A built-in TSA accepted key lock for US airports is also included.

With eGeeTouch® ease-of-use and enhanced security features, unlocking luggage is like a breeze.... Worry no more about forgetting your 3-digit combination code, losing keys or risking being cracked while leaving your luggage/suitcase in a hotel room, hotel consignee, or inside the train, airport and ferry luggage compartments. eGeeTouch® smarter technology provides hassle free & peace of mind, elevating your travel experience beyond what you could previously imagine..... especially, to those frequent travelers and holiday makers.