World’s First eGeeTouch® Smart Padlock

DIGIPAS and JSB TECH in collaboration to launch the world’s first NFC-driven Smart Padlock in JAPAN 2014 DIY HOMECENTER SHOW, at Makuhari, Tokyo, Japan on 28th to 30th August 2014. The world's first eGeeTouch® smart electronic padlock is strategically innovated that seeks to replace those conventional key padlocks. Simply press its shackle lightly to 'wakeup' the lock, follow by tapping a NFC-paired smartphone to front-face of the lock for unlocking. Alternatively, an eGeeTouch® NFC tag or other NFC-paired smart devices can also be used as other choices of multiple access 'smart keys' for unlocking the lock. This smart padlock need no physical key yet with enhanced high security for safeguarding your personal belongings in the locker, gate, indoor storage or cabinet, providing immense convenient and higher security, which conventional key padlock is unable to match.

  • Smart Electronic Padlock

    The worldwide patented eGeeTouch® Smart Padlock is equipped with ONE-TOUCH function for convenient unlocking using a tag or your paired-NFC smart phone and devices. The low-powered embedded technology enables extended battery life of over 3 years of usage...

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  • Smart Luggage Lock (Embossed & Debossed Types)

    With eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock, securing and unlocking luggage is like a breeze. No more worrying about forgetting your 3-digit combination code, losing your key or risking being cracked while exposing your unattended luggage in a hotel room, airport, train or ferry. eGeeTouch® smarter technology provides hassle free and peace of mind travel experience to both frequent travelers and holiday makers whom have been longing for...

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  • Smart Combination Zipper Lock

    The common hassle of using traditional combination digit-dial lock experienced is forgetting the 3-digit combination code. Infrequent usage often results in forgetting unlocking code leaving the combination lock redundant. However, when traditional combination lock is used daily for securing zippers luggage during a trip, the hassle of dialing small wheel-digits in addition to reading those tiny-engraved digit during unlocking is often frustrating, especially when in a dimly illuminated hotel room...

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