Product Value Proposition

Luggage key lock, travel padlock or zippers combination locks are well known as indispensable components and integral part of a typical suitcase, heavy-duty metal-case luggage or travel bags providing its owner the most basic form of securing personal belongings during a trip. However, it's functional and security performances have not been keeping up with changes of modern society having increasing mobile worldwide travellers of changing lifestyle. For decades, these 'age-old' combination digit-dial/key locks have become outdated and indisputably cumbersome to use with 'doubtful' security, particularly due to frequently experienced lost key, small engraved digit-wheels that are difficult to read and dial, easily forgotten 3-digit unlocking codes, and risk of being cracked in seconds. Further, concerns over the security of valuable contents inside a luggage is undeniably justified especially when luggage is left unattended in areas such as airport, train or ferry luggage compartments, and with restaurant receptionists, hotel concierges or inside hotel rooms.


The world's first patented eGeeTouch® intelligent luggage lock is embedded with state-of-art intelligent proximity access security and smart identification technologies, effectively resolves the disadvantages associated with conventional locks. The unique smart luggage locks and padlocks offer multiple access choices for users accommodating their preferences such as to use their own NFC-enabled Android smartphone, Sportbands or accompanied smart tagged/fobs/cards to access their smartlock. It requires; no key to misplace, no tiny digit-wheel to dial, and no combination code to memorize, thus no fuss for luggage owner to safeguard their travelling belongings. These radically enhanced functional and security features are critical differentiating factors that provide a truly hassle-free travel experience unmatched by any conventional lock. Users can simply and safely use their Android smartphone, sportband or tag/fob to unlock a high-security smartlock. With eGeeTouch®, securing and unlocking luggage is like a breeze providing incredibly one-touch convenience and peace of mind to frequent business travelers, family and senior citizens' holiday makers. In a nutshell, we focus on creating values of Simplicity, Security & Choice to our users!


Award-winning eGeeTouch® smart electronic lock is deliberately created to be EASE OF USE yet AFFORDABLE and when adopted enables our business partners to clearly differentiate their existing luggage assembled with conventional digit-wheel locks, to the newly transformed smart-locks driven luggage product line that is relevant to our present increasingly mobile travellers. eGeeTouch® luggage locks comply with TSA requirements and also optionally embedded with RFID identification microchip in accordance with IATA directives toward a secure and efficient baggage handling system at worldwide airports. The adoption of eGeeTouch® smart lock technology driven luggage, effectively empowers our business partners and OEM customers to design new products (i.e. new luggage) with unique selling point (i.e. with smart locks) completely differentiated from their competitors' (i.e. mostly still focusing on lightweight & durability) thus sustaining their leadership in a competitive global travel industry.

WHY endure the inconvenience of transferring your valuable belongings from check-in luggage to heavier/larger hand-carry bags?

Luggage lock should not be less secure..... or constrained by cumbersome mechanical dials or keys! With eGeeTouch® enhanced security smart lock and simplified One-touch unlocking technologies, many of those 'unsecured' conventional luggage assembled with combination digit-wheels and key locks will soon be the past!


Locks essentially means 'SECURITY'. A luggage lock that is easily cracked or FAILS to secure your belongings while integrating with many other secondary features like remote unlocking, GPS tracking, weighting scale etc. just does not SOUND right to be categorized as a lock - it is simply a 'tech gimmick' having little value proposition. We believe that as a lock or locking device for a luggage, its vital PRIMARY function is to ensure security/protection. Therefore, we focus on perfecting its PRIMARY functions while integrating other secondary functions such as ease-of-use, vicinity tracking etc. to enhance users' travel experience. In line with that, we have chosen Near Field Communication (NFC) as our PRIMARY unlocking/access technology. Unlike Bluetooth or RFID, NFC is designed with vital focus in security and has been well-known as the De Facto technology for mobile secured cash payment/transaction, credit cards issued by banks.

Bluetooth is implemented in eGeeTouch® Travel Padlock mainly for Displacement/Vicinity Tracking (patented feature) enabling travellers to be alerted when their unattended luggage/travel bag is moved/displaced unknowingly in scenario such as; when resting/taking a catnap or having a meal during airport transit while waiting for boarding etc. Bluetooth is also incorporated here as a SECONDARY (alternative) access method to accommodate those users who prioritize convenience over high access security depending on personal unique preference and individual circumstances.