Smart Electronic Locks

The world's-first eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Lock is embedded with state-of-art intelligent proximity wireless access and cloud-base remote authorization security technologies; resolve many vital disadvantages associated with using conventional mechanical keyed locks, such as relatively easy KEY PICKING & KEY BUMPING to bypass keys. Incorporated new features are vital differentiating factors enabling hassle-free and high access security, access tracebility and remote access authorization which are unmatched by any conventional key/dial locks.

The advantages and benefits of using eGeeTouch®proprietary proximity-access NFC technology over typical Bluetooth-locks are: (1) higher security, eradicating concerns over any unwanted hijacking Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions that Bluetooth lock expose to, (2) faster connection speed that require very short pairing time i.e. less than a second or near instant (typical bluetooth pairing takes >5sec.), & (3) negligible power consumption as NFC is a passive device employing advanced near-field embedded technology thus extending battery life of the smart lock to years. However, Bluetooth is also provided here as VICINITY TRACKING and alternative access choice to accomodate those users who prioritise convenience over high security in view of individual preference and personal circumstances.

With eGeeTouch® smarter padlock, unlocking a gate/door/storage/locker becomes a seamless act.... yet accountable with traceable access history, particularly useful for MULTIPLE USERS ACCESS. No more lost key, replacing cylinder or duplicating mechanical key as experienced when using conventional padlocks, fiddling with or forgetting code of those digit-wheel dials combination locks.

For Commercial, Industrial and/or Government applications require large number of locks and access users per lock, our Web-based Intelligent Access Management Software is specifically developed to enable an ADMINISTRATOR(S) to ASSIGN, SET, REVOKE and TRACK users from remote location to any lock. Administrator may remotely give Permanent or Timed Access via this web-based or Commerical version of eGeeTouch Manager App while tracing historical unlocking record on WHO, WHEN & WHERE access made.

FINGERPRINT versus NFC Technologies

FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC DATA is another convenient means to personal access security. However, in many COMMERCIAL, PUBLIC and GOVERNMENT ENTITIES, applications involving large scale users base, to ensure all users fingertips to have a CLEAN and PERFECT fingerprint patterns/images at all time on every access is an UN-REALISTIC expectation. Unlike fingers of office workers, fingertips of workers in the fields (e.g. construction sites) are expected to be DIRTY, SCRACTH, WHRINKLE (due to wet gloves/water) and in many such cases fail to be recognized by fingerprint sensor causing consistent FALSE Rejection of authorization for access. Thus, it is unrealiable to use. Furthermore, fingerprint patterns are unable to change because it is encoded in a person biology. Once fingerprint information is LOST, LEAK or STOLEN, it cannot be retrieved and thus open to PERMANENT ABUSE.

In contrast, a person can always rethink another Bluetooth PASSWORD or NFC CODE to change, but he/she usually cannot alter their fingerprint patterns. Thus, individuals who lost fingerprints data are likely to be affected for the rest of their lives.

Smart Lockout Tagout Padlock (LOTO)

Patented eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock revolusionalizes the conventional keyed LOTO locks built with cumbersome multiple keyed LOTO locks to manage multiple field sites operational activities.

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Smart TSA Travel Luggage Locks

The trouble of ordinary combination digit-wheel dial lock commonly experienced is forgetting a combination code...

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Smart Electronic Padlocks

This eGeeTouch® smart electronic padlock embbeded with DUAL-ACCESS NFC + Bluetooth technologies, incorporated with AUDIT TRALS is strategically innovated to replace those ordinary 'outdated' mechanical key padlock...

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Smart Luggage Lock Modules

eGeeTouch® smart TSA luggage lock elevates your travel experience, offering hassle free and secured luggage contaning important items both in Carry-On or Checked-in luggage...

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