Company Overview

eGeeTouch® is a brand of DIGIPAS TECHNOLOGIES INC., an affiliated company of Digipas Group with a history of over 20 years. We are a technology-intensive company based in California, USA with offices in Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore. The group is led by Dr Jim Li who attained a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and he owns over 40 patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. Our R&D team comprises highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched domain expertise of patented Intelligent Wireless Proximity/Remote-authorization Access Security Technologies and Smart Locking Devices.


This business division pioneers the development and manufacture of HIGH QUALITY, EASY TO USE, yet AFFORDABLE world's-first smart electronic locking devices and intelligent access security system that strategically seeks to replace those outdated conventional keyed padlocks and combination digit-wheel-dial locks. The world's first eGeeTouch® NFC+Bluetooth Smart Locks are built with state-of-art intelligent proximity access-gaining security, remote authorization and smart identification technologies to effectively secure assets/belongings beyond the hassle and constrains experienced when using those cumbersome, and easily cracked conventional locks. In fact, the high security level of NFC technology is well testified by its wide applications as cash payments in major banking and retailer's point-of-sales while wireless Bluetooth technology offers the convinience of secured access by mass applications. These smart electronic locks are designed to accomodate present highly mobile travellers of changing lifestyle, offering high security and convinience/flexibility yet requiring no key, no dial and no memorizing of combination code, hence no fuss for access/safeguarding belongings unmatched by any conventional locks. eGeeTouch® smart lock tracks WHO, WHEN & WHERE an access was made providing an audit trail - a security-relevant chronological record, containing documentary evidence of the sequence of access history which is a useful feature unavailable by any conventional mechanical padlock.


In 2014, we pioneer the world's first eGeeTouch® NFC smart locking device which subsequently winning numerous Innovation Awards from USA, Japan & Germnay. The novel innovation of eGeeTouch smartlock wirelessly link through the internet to the Cloud-computing infrastructure, deploying highly secured NFC technology and eGeeTouch App via user's smart devices such as smartphone, tags/fobs etc., validated us as the world pioneer in introducing Internet of Things (IoT) into travel luggage industry by the prestigious world's largest US Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) at 2014 CES Unveiled New York and also CES 2015 at Las Vegas. The subsequent year, eGeeTouch NFC-Fingerprint Smart Luggage Lock further won the 2016 U.S. CES Innovation Award. eGeeTouch smartlock also also Japan largest DIY Homecenter New Product Awards in 2014, 2015 & 2016 in successive years and also Germany's RedDot Design Award in 2017. These world-first innovative products were featured by leading international media such as CNN, USA Today, Fox News, CBC News, Nikkei (Japan), CNet, Engaget, Mashable, UK's Daily Mail and many others.


Our PCT patents filed in 2010 entitled "electronic combination lock" employing proximity touch-sensor technologies, covering over 100 countries, registered in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), published in 2012 and granted by US patent and trademark office (USPTO), US Pat. No.: 9,121,199 B2, US Pat No.: 9,524,600 B2, US Pat. No.: D 721,261 S, US Pat. No.: D 722,485 S. Numerous patents were later filed and granted to further strengthen our intellectual property portfolio enhancing our pioneering position in the field of intelligent locking devices. This comprehensive IP portfolio serves as a solid foundation to provide distributorships and licensing to our worldwide business partners.


Unique world-pioneering and award-winning products of eGeeTouch® are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, SGS to comply with CE, FCC, ASTM & RoHS. Our factories are ISO9001, ISO14001 & TS16949 certified and periodically audited by world's leading SGS accredited 3rd party independent certification body for traceability, environmental conformance, and work safety & health management. eGeeTouch® smart luggage lock has been certified to comply with Transport Security Administration (TSA) regulatory agency and in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) directive for implementing RFID luggage identification, towards an effective and efficient worldwide airport baggage handling system. eGeeTouch® smart luggage locks also comply with safety and security directives set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


We have forged strong in-house product development and engineering capabilities, own advanced manufacturing facilities that are seamlessly integrated into our international supply chain and worldwide sales distribution channels, employing approx. 700 people for developing, producing and distributing world-class quality electronic components, intelligent locking devices and precision instruments to customers and business partners. Leveraging on our manufacturing expertise with excellent track records in scaling-up new products volume and generic varients (models), we mass produce our eGeeTouch® smartlocks to meet the needs of our worldwide customers.

With over two decades of R&D, manufacturing and distributing expertise serving many global-leading multinational companies and government institutions, our products, services and technologies are utilized by millions of people all over the world.