Intelligent Access Management Software

For Commercial, Industrial or Government applications which require large number of users and locks, our Web-based "Intelligent Access Management Software" is developed to enable an ADMINISTRATOR to assign, set, track, deny users from remote location on those Smartlocks.

Administrator may remotely give Permanent or Timed Access via this web-based or Commerical version of eGeeTouch Manager App while tracing historical unlocking record on WHO, WHEN & WHERE access made.

This web-based software can be downloaded into Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC for Administrator to manage many/multiple locks and users.

Please contact our Sales Support for more details.

WEB-BASED Software used on: Smartphone, Tablet & PC

MULTIPLE devices can be used to access the software by Administrator(s) using various devices connected to internet.

Assigned Users use mobilephones and/or tablets to operate smartlocks.

Audit Trails List

History of lock status, include data on who, when and where locks were accessed by assinged users.

Administrator may at ease to TRACK and MONITOR those assigned lock users via each access history.

Mapping of Activity List

Identifying on concentration/intensity of activities: WHO, WHERE and WHEN locks were accessed with locational map illustration.