Smart Lockout Tagout Padlock (LOTO) - GT5100 (Black)

Patented eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock is to revolutionize the conventional keyed LOTO locks and cumbersome ways of unlocking multiple keyed LOTO locks to manage multiple field sites operational activities. A SINGLE eGeeTouch SMART LOTO LOCK REPLACES MULTIPLE KEYED LOTO LOCKS. It is built with Bluetooth and MULTIPLE LAYERS of access codes for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR usage. It is SPECIFICALLY developed for LOCKOUT TAGOUT purposes to manage multiple TAGOUT authorizations from remote locations anytime, anywhere.

eGeeTouch Smart Mini lock is embedded with STATE-OF-ART DUAL intelligent proximity & remote authorization technologies that delivers HIGHEST PRODUCTIVITY and LOWER OPERATIONAL COSTS with MULTIPLE LEVELS of high-security ASSIGNMENT, REVOKING, TAG-OUT authorization, NOTIFICATIONS and TRACKING of users accesses functions unmatched by any traditional keyed/combination LOTO locks.

Integrated with both patents and proprietary authentication protocols, capable of generating up to 8 levels of Administrator's authorization and over several hundred thousand of user-defined encrypted IDs. Multiple levels of user's authorization and TAG-OUT authorization to a SINGLE SHARED SMART LOTO lock with a Commercial PAID app software bundled with Web-based Intelligent Access Management Software.

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TO ASSIGN, AUTHORIZE, REVOKE, SHARE & TRACK ACCESS to users allowing Smart Lock's owner to REMOTELY give PERMANENT or TIMED access using eGeeTouch Manager App. AUDIT TRAILS keeps a record of the access history. Tracks WHO, WHEN & WHERE access made.

MULTIPLE preprogrammed access codes can be sent to users at remote location to gain access to the mini lock. These codes can be deleted or kept for reuse depending on Administrator settings.

COMMERCIAL paid App and Web-based "Intelligent Access Management Software" are available on-demand for Commercial, School, and governmental Institutions' users to organize, manage a LARGE NUMBER of users and locks. Appointed ADMINISTRATOR(S) may assign/set, deny, retract/revoke and track each user and lock from any remote location.


Pneumatic Equipment Lockout

Pressured-air driven machines' regulator and valves are best lockout by authorized personnel for SAFETY and other operating optimization purposes.

Electrical Power Lockout

Smart LOTO is best used for electrical power lockout during maintanance, repair or project extention, as part of OSHA compliant WORK SAFETY purpose.

Gas & Liquid Pipes Valve Lockout

Gas and liquid pipes valves regulate flow rate and shut off by autorized personnel during specific conditions for SAFETY and other operating optimization purposes.

Machine/Equipment Lockout

Machines or equipment under maintenance, repair or new machines before commissioning are restricted to authorizee personnel to lockout for SAFETY purpose.

Key Features

  • Press a CODE on the entry pad of eGeeTouch® Mini padlock or pairing with any Bluetooth paired smartphone (APPLE & ANDROID) or Apple watch and Samsung Gear S2/3 for unlocking
  • eGeeTouch® SMART LOTO lock requires no conventional key. LOCK-OUT and TAG OUT can be done from remote location, anytime and anywhere!
  • Superior access security authentication of up to 8 levels of authorization and hundreds thousands of IDs
  • Easy to REMOTELY assign or restrict access and TAG-OUT authorization to one or more authorized persons.
  • LOCK-OUT and TAG-OUT persons are visible at the app or Software allowing visibility and transparency to all parties involving the object under management.
  • Access historical records provide information (audit trail) showing time, date and location of objects
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries with at least 2,000 cycles or over 2 years of battery life based on 3 times locking/unlocking per day usage
  • USB terminal is provided for backup power source from external USB power
  • Color LED indication for locking/unlocking status
  • Compact size with hardened steel of smaller shackle diameter
  • For application BOTH OUTDOOR and INDOOR use.


  • Fast, easy, and secure for safeguarding and access control of premises, field/site projects under construction, or repairing, or inspection etc.
  • TAG-OUT function can be done from anywhere and anytime authorized by the assigned party. No more hassle rushing back to remote site with the conventional key to tag-out.
  • High-security encrypted with MULTIPLE layers of authentications containing over hundreds of thousands of ID
  • Administrator may re-set any ID in great convenient
  • No need to remember ID as eGeeTouch® App automates by saving IDs in the cloud similar to those smartphone storing your mobile phone information
Colors Black
Body Material ABS (Plastic)
Shackle material Hardened steel
IP rating IP44
Bluetooth Encrypted Security
Smartphone Operating System iOS & Android
Directional Code Button Yes
IAM System Supported Yes
Number of Keypad Directional Code 80
Number of Audit Trial-Keypad Directional Code 120
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium ion
Environmental Requirements

Operating Temp.: -4°F to +140°F or -20°C ~ +60°C

Humidity: 20-90% RH

Weight Approx. 73g
Overall Dimension 1 3/4" x 0.94" x 3 5/8"
Shackle Dimension

Length: 1 1/2" Width: 1 1/4"

Diameter: 0.24"

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