Advanced Encryption & Smart Identification Technologies

Luggage zipper combination lock and mechanical keyed padlock are well known as indispensable components of a typical luggage, suitcase or travel bag providing its owner the most basic form for securing personal belongings during travel. However, the functional and security performances of these 'age-old' mechanical locks have become outdated and indisputably cumbersome to use with 'doubtful' security, particularly due to:

  • frequently experienced lost key,
  • small wheels to dial for combination digits,
  • difficult to read those tiny size of engraved-digits,
  • easily forgotten 3-digit unlocking code, and
  • risk of combination code is being cracked in seconds when unattended.

The world's first eGeeTouch® smart electronic luggage lock and zipper lock are embedded with state-of-art intelligent proximity access security and smart identification technologies, effectively resolves the disadvantages associated with traditional combination and keyed locks. It requires:

  • no key to misplace
  • no tiny digit-wheel to dial,
  • no combination code to memorize and,
  • no 'chance' to crack

Thus, no fuss for luggage owner in safeguarding their travelling belongings. These radically improved functionality and enhanced security features are critical differentiating factors that provide hassle-free travel experience & peace of mind which the traditional mechanical locks are unable to match.

  • 1. Intelligent Proximity Access Security Technology

    Unlike many conventional combination digit-dial locks that can be cracked in seconds, eGeeTouch® smart luggage locks and zipper padlocks are preprogramed with patented algorism having over 6-alphanumeric and graphical codes containing over many millions of combinations. These codes are many orders higher than the very limited 000 to 999 combinations of a typical traditional mechanical combination lock. The preprogramed code is further encrypted to enhance proximity access security. A proprietary communication protocol is further deployed for multiple security layers preventing unauthorized attempts to extract stored information. User defined unlocking code can be conveniently and securely stored on a NFC tag, smartphone, tablet, PC or App without having the hassle of remembering any code. This security protocol is similar to those used in the online banking.

    eGeeTouch® smart lock utilizes proprietary state-of-art proximity intelligent access security technology. Advanced near-field communication and biometric fingerprint authentication sensors are deployed to facilitate radically ease-of-use functional features and enhanced security performance are delivered through intelligent encrypted access software algorisms and protocols. The high quality and reliable eGeeTouchTM locks leverage over two decades of our world-class R&D and manufacturing process expertise in computer peripheral and precision instrument devices closely collaborated with our leading Japanese MNCs partners and stringent requirements of our U.S. and European customers.

  • 2. Smart Identification Technology

    In 2012, according to International Air Transport Association (IATA), 26 million of luggage in worldwide airports were mishandled, costing airlines over $3billion. In US alone, over 400 million luggage were handled in US airports, nearly 2 million luggage were mishandled. eGeeTouch® smart luggage lock is optionally embedded with RFID microchips containing name, telephone number and email address that could be identified only by airport authorized personnel to prevent luggage from getting misplaced in the airport and facilitate for ease of claim in the event of lost luggage.